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Don’t Get Sick Over Your Healthcare

Nobody loves going to the doctor. The healthcare system is complicated, confusing, and often frustrating. It’s difficult to make an appointment, you have long waits to see a doctor who hardly has time to see you, and medical insurance is a confusing nightmare. Who needs it?
You do! Every single one of us needs to see doctors, whether to treat an illness or prevent one. Even when you’re not sick, you may be unsure where to turn to get the best care and advice.
In Don’t Get Sick Over Your Healthcare, Dale White, an expert at navigating the complex healthcare system, presents a way to achieve better health and more happiness for yourself and your loved ones.  In his book, he demonstrates six simple steps that teach you to:
  • Better prepare for your appointment, so you can feel confident
  • Get the support you need to feel empowered about your healthcare
  • Save time and money (and frustration!) by reducing billing errors
  • Be proactive in your approach to healthcare, for better overall health
You and your loved ones deserve the best healthcare experience so that your futures are as bright and healthy as possible. Taking control of your healthcare shouldn’t make you feel sick—and now it doesn’t have to.



Dale White is the expert when it comes to navigating the complex healthcare system.

He has worked in more than twenty medical clinics and at a busy hospital ER for a leading university medical school. With over a decade of healthcare experience, he has provided support to more than 50,000 patients as they began their visits to emergency rooms, medical clinics, and surgery centers.

White’s career in healthcare began as a volunteer in the ER when his wife was in the final stages of her 13-year battle with breast cancer. He left the corporate world for the more rewarding work he found helping people who are sick, scared, and unsure. His career as a healthcare worker, combined with the skills learned running a consulting company, has provided White with invaluable insights, which he now shares to help patients more confidently take control of their healthcare experiences.

Dale White’s goal is to help you have better health and more happiness for yourself and your loved ones and believes that patients who are proactive about managing their healthcare are treated more quickly and tend to have better results. His principle is that whether you are a patient, a caretaker, or just a person who wants to be better prepared, you deserve the knowledge and confidence not just to survive. . . but to thrive.

White currently works in an outpatient surgery clinic. He lives in Rancho Mission Viejo, California.



These forms will help you better prepare for your doctor appointment and will provide insight into where you need to go when you face an urgent medical issue.  They are free for your personal use.
Appointment Summary (sample)
Appointment Summary (blank)
Emergency Room vs Urgent Care


Stare down waiting room anxiety at your doctor’s office

07/25/18 Rancho Mission Viejo, CA – If you’re going to the doctor, these days you’re competing with everyone else to get your piece of the healthcare pie.  What if you could feel less rushed, more confident and even get more time with your doctor?  And get the valuable appointment time you need most.  It’s not just possible, patients who read Dale White’s new book “Don’t Get Sick Over your Healthcare” get six simple steps to achieve just that.  And more.

White is sharing tools from his 10 years in the healthcare industry where’s he’s helped more than 50,000 patients get their appointment started.

“There’s a shortage of doctors and appointments, your insurance coverage may be confusing and you don’t feel well.  And what if the doctor tells you more tests and further treatment are necessary?  That’s a ton to deal with from the from the start,” White says.  “But you need to be ready.”

What’s one of the easiest, most effective steps to take?  “Confirm your appointment time and location every time, because even being a few minutes late can cause your appointment to be canceled,” according to White.   “Doctor schedules are often over-booked and there’s no room to squeeze you in once you’re late.”

There are also misconceptions about when to actually arrive for the appointment, White says.  “Patients who think checking in at the scheduled time is adequate may be unpleasantly surprised to find a long line ahead of them.  And that may really make them late.   “I’ve worked in clinics where you need to get approval from the doctor’s team to even check in a patient who is 10 minutes late,” White warns.  “What is your personal cost if you’re forced to reschedule?”

“I’ve watched patients approach their healthcare in many ways,” he says.  “The best health results go to those who are highly prepared for their doctor visit.”

“No patient should be left behind,” White says, “but the healthcare system will most reward those who help themselves.”


Dale White
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Dale White offers a dynamic presentation to national and local audiences regarding his personal and professional journey through the healthcare system and shares insights into how that experience will provide patients with more confidence, control, support and a happier, healthcare future.

“Don’t Get Sick over Your Healthcare” is a book providing essential fundamental organizational components of additional benefit to your business or healthcare organization.  A presentation is easily tailored for your specific audience needs.

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